Sales. Productivity. Leadership. Teamwork.

What do sales organizations need most to successfully navigate change, stay relevant, and compete in today’s often crowded sales arena? Systems. Processes. Leadership. Increased closing ratios. Cohesive sales teams, and a path to realize big goals. 

Keynote Speaker, Sales Success Coach, and Business Consultant Chuck Thokey delivers the easy-to-implement strategies and systems that allow sales audiences to effectively bypass sales stalls and status quo to dramatically increase their market share and growth opportunities.

 Chuck has led some of the largest sales teams in North America and has been named a Leading Expert in Sales Leadership by industry magazines. 

With high-energy how-to’s developed from years of hands-on experience, Chuck helps sales professionals build solid skills that can skyrocket productivity, confidence, customer connectivity, and referrals. 

Ready to help your sales and leadership team take your business to extraordinary new heights?

Sales Process & Sales Leadership Expert

Chuck has been the most sought after Sales leadership speaker for the Home Improvement industry the last 5 years!

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